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Our employees and co-owners are the lifeblood of our business. To succeed as a company, we must select, engage, train, challenge and develop each employee to reach their maximum potential as a contribution to the success of that company while placing a strong emphasis on the well-being of each employee. The well-being of our employees is achieved by providing truly meaningful, challenging and satisfying work opportunities, as well as through the tools, support and training necessary to overcome all the challenges that such work may entail. Success is measured by the fact that each employee exceeds the expectations of our valued customers and everyone we work with and exceeds the expectations of them in our organizations. Performance Contracting is an integrated project delivery solution that links project design and implementation to ensure buildings are functioning properly and communication runs smoothly. This is especially handy for schools whose time windows for construction projects are three months of tight summer. By working together between owner and contractor, fewer elements fall through the cracks and projects can be completed faster and more efficiently. When using service contracts, qualified suppliers must go through a competitive selection process over which the owners have full control. Competitive open-book pricing eliminates speculation about the cost of a project and reveals unexpected costs that might appear along the way. Performance contractors who use transparent and open-ledger pricing ensure that owners see exactly what is being bought and spent, where it is being spent, and how much is given to each subcontractor at no extra cost. PCI employees at all levels of the company benefit from numerous training opportunities from day one. From instructor-led group training to online courses and more, we offer a variety of course offerings to support employees` professional development and ensure they are equipped with tools to succeed.

We believe that learning is a never-ending process and that with the right training, the performance of each individual can be optimized to the highest possible level. The key to our success is to focus on developing and maintaining a strong, performance-driven culture that inspires our employees to achieve great things. The foundation of our culture is to truly live by our core values. A core value is something we stand for, that does not allow exceptions, and something we demonstrate every day. Each year, K-12 schools spend more energy than computers and textbooks combined. For many school districts, utilities are the second largest household expenditure after wages. Often, homeowners don`t know how much they are spending too much on their buildings due to energy efficiency. Service contracts can reveal these costs.

It requires the measurement and verification of energy savings after installation with a solid guarantee of efficient results. Suppliers must conduct a review if their systems are not working as expected by owners, reducing the risk of inefficient and poorly functional buildings. In a broader sense, implementing a PBC framework has a wide range of benefits for organizations, entrepreneurs, and clients [why?], including: International experience with privatization suggests that the process of implementing a well-thought-out privatization program is lengthy. Therefore, in the meantime, it is imperative that immediate measures be taken to increase the efficiency of state-owned enterprises and reduce the additional burden on the country`s cash flow caused by their losses. A strict performance contract shows the „real“ costs and benefits associated with a particular public company. This, in turn, provides a valuable basis for privatization. Similarly, performance contracts with government agencies in OECD countries are widely used to improve the delivery of public services and the effectiveness of government mechanisms. Many countries have succeeded in improving the performance of their own public sector through the design of performance contracts, after carefully reviewing and adapting lessons learned from extensive international experience in service contracts to their specific needs. A public body applies to participate in the programme and enters into a contract with a private energy services company (ESCO). ESCO performs an initial energy audit to determine where the most significant energy savings can be found. Performance contracts require that a project guarantee sufficient energy savings to cover the initial investment costs of the improvements over the life of the contract. The realization of Energy Star means that a school building consumes less energy, costs less to operate and offers an optimal learning environment.

By conducting a draft performance contract, schools can often obtain the Energy Star label only through the energy saving measures implemented as part of the project. This is another way that performance contracts add value to a school community. The performance contract is an option for the construction execution method for public sector entities, which has been available in many states for more than 25 years and offers huge benefits to those who use it. However, the benefits are usually discussed as utility savings and maintenance budgets. They are only verified from a technical point of view, not from a financial point of view. But what are the financial benefits of performance contracts? Performance contracting is more than a technical solution, but a solid financial and economic solution for public sector institutions that need facility improvements. This article explores how performance contracts reduce risk and increase value for homeowners. We firmly believe that pleasure brings success. We spend the majority of our waking hours in the office and/or work for the company. We work extremely hard every day and expect a lot from each other. To achieve the highest level of success and be a world-class company, it`s important that we enjoy what we do and care about the people we rely on so much every day. The key to being a fun business is to personally engage with the people around us.

to fully appreciate the different functions we perform and the critical roles we all play. We must strive to support each other every day and celebrate our successes together. While the company officially sponsors many fun events, the ultimate responsibility lies with all of us, every day. It`s up to us to make sure our business is fulfilling and fun to work with! Performance contracting is a proven tool used by local governments to increase energy efficiency, while ensuring that energy savings are sufficient to cover the cost of the project. By linking contractors` payments to real energy savings, there is a strong incentive to carry out projects that lead to real results. The principles of the performance contract, when applied to local homeowner loan programs, would ensure that the most efficient energy restorations are those that are carried out. This relieves families of high upfront costs and puts the money back in their hands as soon as the renovations are reimbursed. The performance contract, also known as an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) or guaranteed energy savings contract, is a valuable tool for achieving infrastructure modernization, budget reduction, efficiency and sustainability objectives without the need for upfront investment. Service contracts are budget-neutral. Project costs are covered by guaranteed savings through increased efficiency. NORESCO`s experience also extends to Clean Energy Property Assessment (CAPC) programs for commercial, industrial and multi-family homes.

Similar to service allocation, PACE provides low-cost financing for energy efficiency improvements that building owners can pay for over time through an assessment of their property tax bill. Our customers are the reason we are in business. At every touchpoint and at every level of our business, we want our customers to see PCG employees as dedicated, fair, innovative and ethical partners and friends. We build and maintain these relationships by building personal trust based on effective communication, proven performance and unwavering reliability. NORESCO respects all its work and commitments and will provide financial and contractual guarantees to ensure the sustainability of savings and performance results. Our full range of measurement and verification services ranges from one-off measurements as part of the commissioning process to hourly intensive measurements over the entire investment lifecycle. .

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